Millar Blinds Group has a personal made to measure curtain making service. We will come to your home to measure up the exact measurements for your windows and will help you design your own individual curtains from start to finish, ensuring a perfect fit and a design that matches the feel of your home.

Curtains provide pattern, texture, tone and mood to a room. They can tie a colour scheme together or they can become the focal point in an otherwise plain room.

Curtain Styles

  • Eyelet
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Pencil Pleat

Curtain Types

eyelet curtains

Simple eyelet headings give a streamlined, unfussy modern effect. With their regular even pleats, this heading needs the least amount of space either side of the window to stack back.

pinch pleat curtains
Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat headings give a more tailored finish where the curtain falls into a elegant folds that can be easily dressed for a slightly more formal look, ideal for living rooms.

pencil pleat curtains
Pencil Pleat

Less structured that a pinch pleat, pencil pleats have an attractive, uniform gathered edge that works particularly well in more casual situations such as a home office or bedroom.